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Nirdosh and Ayurveda


The formula of Nirdosh has herbs that work on the Kapha dosha. The lungs are a Kapha environment, they are cool and damp. Smoking increases heat and is drying. Nirdosh may be smoked therapeutically especially on cold wet days or to alleviate wet cough.

Nirdosh improves agni, the digestive fire, which improves general health and immunity.

Nirdosh calms the mind, alleviating anxiety and stress, pacifying the destructive force of excessive vata. Nirdosh lightens the body and mind providing clarity and happiness.

Nirdosh can be smoked during the morning and early evening (Kapha times) for a balancing effect.

Nirdosh is an excellent replacement for tobacco addiction and is safe.

Dose varies according to season, time of day and individual suitability. Minimal and moderate use is always the safest way to administer herbs, however when attempting to reduce the addictions of tobacco it may be considered safe to smoke Nirdosh more frequently



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